Product Article on Synaptosome Isolation

Isolate functional synaptosomes while preserving phosphoproteins

By Douglas Hayworth

Synaptosomes are commonly used to study synaptic function because they contain functional ion channels, receptors, enzymes and proteins, as well as the intact molecular machinery for the release, uptake and storage of neurotransmitters. Signal transmission is highly regulated by neuronal phosphoproteins, and therefore, maintaining protein phosphorylation during synaptosome preparation is essential.

In this Product Article about synaptosome isolation, we show that the Thermo Scientific Syn-PER Synaptic Protein Isolation Reagent is effective for isolating functional synaptosomes containing active synaptic proteins from neuronal tissue. Additionally, the Syn-PER Reagent facilitates the study of labile or transient neuronal protein phosphorylation events by stabilizing or preserving these modifications during tissue disruption.

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Method to isolate functional synaptosomes

Method to isolate functional synaptosomes