Pierce Immunostain Enhancer for IHC and ICC detection

Increase IHC signal with less antibody

By Douglas Hayworth

Reduce the amount of antibody required to achieve optimal detection and staining in immunohistochemistry (IHC) and immunocytochemistry (ICC) using our Immunostain Enhancer

The antibody enhancer is effective for both chromogenic and fluorescent methods of detection. Use our enhancer as your antibody diluent and you will get brighter results with no added steps or time!


  • Increase signal – provides 3- to 12-fold increase in signal intensity and sensitivity
  • Improve specificity – increases signal-to-noise ratio for poor-quality and low-affinity antibodies
  • Save antibody – uses less antibody to achieve the same signal as with conventional immunodetection

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Pierce Immunostain Enhancer

Pierce Immunostain Enhancer