The Thermo Scientific myECL Imager

Looking to improve your image?

By Douglas Hayworth

Unpack. Plug in. Capture images in less than 10 minutes.

Improve your Western blot and stained gel imaging with the Thermo Scientific myECL Imager, an easy-to-use instrument for sensitive, multimode image capture and analysis via an intuitive touchscreen interface and advanced integrated software. Improve your gel and blot imaging further with the Thermo Scientific myImageAnalysis Software, a complete set of software tools for the quantitative analysis of image data acquired from imaging systems.

myECL Imager:

  • Two times the sensitivity of X-ray film
  • One-touch image acquisition
  • Automatic multiple exposure capture
  • Easy file management

myImageAnalysis Software:

  • Automatic lane and band identification
  • Compare upt to six images
  • Automatic molecular weight calculation
  • Non-proprietary image files for easy sharing

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myECL Imager

myECL Imager

myImageAnalysis Software

myImageAnalysis Software