Locate hard-to-find protein products

How to find a needle in a haystack

By Douglas Hayworth

We understand. We know it can be difficult to locate certain Thermo Scientific Products within our immense product portfolio. That’s why we work hard to serve up relevant search results for the thousands of Pierce Protein Biology Products that are featured on this website.

And although you might assume that all reagents and accessories for protein research can be found here on www.piercenet.com, the fact is that many protein-related Thermo Scientific Products live elsewhere, especially at www.thermoscientific.com.

To help we created a page called Find that product on thermoscientific.com, which provides an index of links to “non-Pierce” Thermo Scientific Products that protein biologists frequently attempt to find on this site. Only a few products are indexed there now, but we will be adding many more in the weeks ahead.

In fact, we’d like your suggestions for products that should be added to this index page. Post a comment to let us know what needle you’re trying to find in the haystack!