New DyLight Fluors for fluorescence imaging application

Fifty new fluorescent dyes to fine-tune your experiment

By Douglas Hayworth

View our unique selection of new fluorescent dyes that have a wide range of spectral, solubility and quenching characteristics.

Thermo Scientific DyLight Specialty Dyes are coumarin-, rhodamine- and benzopyrillium-based fluorescent labeling reagents that extend the array of properties available in our standard DyLight Fluors.


  • Broad spectral range – absorption maxima from 415 to 830nm (blue to infrared)
  • Multiple solubility options – hydrophilic and hydrophobic dyes for optimizing
  • NHS ester reactive group – enables immediate labeling through amide bond formation

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DyLight Specialty Dyes

DyLight Specialty Dyes

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