Pierce Direct Magnetic IP and Co-IP Kit

Eliminate IP antibody contamination

By Douglas Hayworth

Easily immobilize an antibody for immunoprecipitation with amine-reactive magnetic beads.

Our new Direct Magnetic IP Kit rapidly delivers clean IPs and fast results, and it can be scaled for high-throughput applications. Finally, the same proven technology of covalent antibody immobilization for immunoprecipitation with agarose beads is now available in a magnetic bead format.


  • Delivers clean IPs – antibody is covalently attached to magnetic beads, reducing antibody heavy- and light-chain contamination
  • Fast results – use with any antibody species, class or isotype
  • Can be scaled for high-throughput – the bead surface is pre-blocked to reduce nonspecific binding

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Direct Magnetic IP and Co-IP Kit

Direct Magnetic IP and Co-IP Kit

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