Review of protein covalent immobilization methods for affinity purification

Develop an affinity for protein immobilization

By Douglas Hayworth

We recently completed an important section of our Protein Methods Library! The articles on Affinity Purification now include a review of Covalent Immobilization Methods for Affinity Ligands.

The original content from our popular Thermo Scientific Pierce Protein Biology technical handbooks and catalogs was revised with new diagrams and concise descriptions of the various methods for attaching antibodies, proteins and other molecules to beaded agarose resins or magnetic beads for use in affinity purification experiments. Different covalent attachment approaches and chemical reaction mechanisms are illustrated, links to relevant crosslinking chemistry articles are provided, and related products are referenced.

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Affinity Resins for Protein Immobilization

Affinity Resins for Protein Immobilization