Choose the best column size and format for antibody purification

Need help choosing a column size for antibody purification?

By Douglas Hayworth

New product article explains the formats.

Given the many and various uses of antibodies in laboratory research endeavors, it’s no surprise that there are many available sizes and varieties of affinity purification columns, chromatography cartridges, filter plates and other devices for purifying antibodies easily and quickly at small or large scales. Wonderful as they are, the numerous purification formats present one with a challenge: Which column and purification method is best for my research needs? Do spin techniques really work as well as traditional drip columns?

Finally, there’s a little help. In a new Product Article about antibody purification, Alice Schaffer summarizes the different sizes and formats of columns for antibody purification. Using experimental data primarily based on columns containing the immunoglobulin-binding Protein A agarose resin, Alice compares IgG purification results from several column formats and processing methods.

It’s funny how such a simple article can make life so much easier.

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Using antibody-binding proteins for antibody purification

Using antibody-binding proteins for antibody purification