Article on bioluminescence and luciferase reporters

Article on bioluminescence and luciferase reporters

By Jared Snider

Details on using bioluminescence and luciferase reporters in life science research can now be found in a new article in the Protein Methods Library. Luciferase enzymes are increasing used for in vivo imaging, viability assays and reporter gene assays because of their sensitivity and diversity in substrate requirements and signal duration. 

Topics discussed include:

  • Bioluminescence vs. fluorescence
  • Bioluminescence in nature
  • Luciferase reaction and flash vs. glow kinetics
  • Details of various luciferase enzymes and substrates
  • Experimental applications
  • Single vs. dual-spectral luciferase reporter assays

Besides the applications listed above and in the article, what do you use luciferase for?