Top 10 Website Search Bloopers of 2011 on

Top 10 Website Search Bloopers, 2011

By Douglas Hayworth

Needless to say, a properly functioning search box is perhaps the most important feature of any website, including our own. We periodically analyze the search terms typed in during the previous months to make sure that we are doing all we can to return relevant results. For typical alternative spellings and frequent typos, we can determine what the searcher intended and adjust our search engine to provide the appropriate results. However, some searches – even some legitimate ones – strike us as just plain funny.

So, without further ado, here are this year’s…

Top 10 humorous search terms from

  • Dislysis kit — Let’s say you need to put some cells back together
  • Petavidin — Should we report this to PETA?
  • Crosslink gi — Guaranteed to give you cramps
  • Anti-AGE — Best product idea of the year!
  • Anti-HMBG — Need to keep Scrooge away during the holidays?
  • Anti-reelin — Want to keep your guy from going on that fishing trip?
  • Occloudin — The foggy-memory gene
  • Tephalon tubes — Nice try, but we don’t think this gets around DuPont’s trademark.
  • E. coli lysis buffet — We’ll pass; we weren’t very hungry today anyway.

And (drum-roll please!) our number one favorite search blooper of 2011 is…

  • Coomassive brilliant blue — Apparently, we’re now the world leader in dye size!


Happy New Year!


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2 comments to Top 10 Search Bloopers

  • Sammy

    Apple frequently changes EMSA to Mesa on me. The table is set for protein-DNA interactive shifts I guess.

  • a-helix

    It’s funny how a single letter can make such a big difference in meaning. I love the ‘dislysis kit’ – it sounds like there was an oops in the lab. If you can figure out how to reassemble cells, you’ll surely win a Nobel prize!