DyLight Fluorescent Dyes are a complete family of high-intensity, photostable fluorescent tags for labeling antibodies and other molecular probes.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Fluorescent Dyes, Conjugates and Antibody Labeling Kits

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (April 20, 2011) – Thermo Fisher Scientific, the world leader in serving science, today announced the availability of new Thermo Scientific DyLight Dyes, Conjugates and Antibody Labeling Kits for improved fluorescence detection.

DyLight* 550 and 650 Dyes offer bright fluorescence intensity that provides high sensitivity and extreme resistance to photo-bleaching. The DyLight 550 and DyLight 650 Dyes have fluorescence characteristics similar to Alexa Fluor* 555 and Alexa Fluor 647 Dyes, respectively, and are available as amine-reactive NHS esters and sulfhydryl-reacitve maleimides.

The new DyLight 550 and 650 Dyes are also available conjugated to secondary antibodies and biotin-binding proteins. As with existing DyLight Conjugates, these new conjugates are optimally labeled with a very high dye-to-protein ratio without affecting the fluorescent signal or conjugate stability. Generally, less DyLight 550 or 650 Conjugates are needed for most applications because of the high sensitivity of the attached dye, making them a cost-effective choice.

The DyLight 550 and 650 Antibody Labeling Kits were specifically developed for fast, efficient labeling of antibodies. Two convenient kit formats are available to accommodate varied labeling requirements. The DyLight Antibody Labeling Kits contain all of the necessary components to perform three separate labeling reactions using 1 milligram of IgG or similar quantities of other proteins. The DyLight Microscale Antibody Labeling Kits contain all of the necessary components to perform five separate labeling reactions using 100 micrograms of IgG.

For more information on the DyLight 550 and 650 Dyes, Conjugates and Antibody Labeling Kits, please visit www.thermoscientific.com/pierce.

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