2011 Articles, Previews Volume 15

2011 Articles

Product research experiments and application data reports for the year 2011.

Product articles are research-style reports of experiments that demonstrate methods, specification claims and applications for new and existing Thermo Scientific Pierce Protein Research reagents, kits and services. The 2011 volume represents a transition from our former print newsletter called “Previews”.  The new online format provides immediate access to featured product pages and the opportunity for you to interact with article authors via comments.

Volume Contents:

Immobilize glycoproteins for immunoprecipitation

Improved immobilization and conjugation of glycoproteins

Efficient aldehyde-hydrazide covalent coupling using a catalyst and an optimized buffer

October 7, 2011

Glycopeptide enrichment for mass spectrometry

Selective enrichment of sialylated glycopeptides using TiO2 beads

Affinity purification for mass spectrometry based on titanium dioxide beads

June 1, 2011

Label and assay active serine hydrolases

Serine hydrolase active-site probes for activity-based enzyme profiling

New fluorophosphonate probes selectively label and enrich active serine hydrolases

June 1, 2011

Immunoprecipitation with magnetic beads

Perform IP and co-IP experiments with high yield and low background

New Protein A/G magnetic beads enable manual and automated applications

June 1, 2011

Peptide standards for mass spectrometry

Optimize liquid chromatography with a peptide retention time calibration mixture

Our new mixture of 15 heavy peptides streamlines assay design for targeted peptide quantification

June 1, 2011

Calibration solutions for mass spectrometry

Calibration solutions for Thermo Scientific Mass Spectrometers

Ready-to-use standards enable quick instrument calibration

June 1, 2011

Low-volume dialysis devices

New dimensions for low-volume sample dialysis

Self-contained devices give you the solution for high-protein recovery

June 1, 2011

ECL substrates for Western blotting

Western blotting using enhanced chemiluminescence

Choose the perfect substrate for your needs

June 1, 2011

Peptide libraries for quantitative mass spectrometry

Develop mid- to high-throughput SRM and MRM assays

New application-specific peptide libraries for quantitative MS workflows

June 1, 2011

ECL Plus substrate for Western blotting

Introducing a Western blotting substrate that’s chemiluminescent and chemifluorescent

Detect your target by film, CCD cameras or laser-based imagers

June 1, 2011

Pull-down kits enrich active GTPases from cell or tissue lysates

Measure activation of small GTPases via their specific downstream effectors

Pull-down kits enrich active GTPases from cell or tissue lysates

April 5, 2011

Enhancer for immunostaining

Enhanced immunostaining means more signal and better sensitivity

Achieve better protein detection using a fraction of your valuable primary antibody

April 5, 2011

Desthiobiotin probe for GTPases

GTPase enrichment using a new active-site probe

Introducing a desthiobiotin nucleotide probe for studying GTPases

April 5, 2011

GTPase kits for signal transduction studies

Detection and localization of active GTPases in neuronal cell differentiation

GTPase kits enable powerful signal transduction studies

April 5, 2011