Pierce GTPase Enrichment Kits utilize ActivX GTP Probes to covalently label the active site of GTPases

GTPase Enrichment Kit and Probes

By Kevin

Selective capture and enrichment of GTPases using active-site probes.

Thermo Scientific Pierce GTPase Enrichment Kits with ActivX* GTP Probes enable selective labeling and enrichment of GTPases including G-protein coupled receptor GTPase subunits. These reagents feature a desthiobiotin (biotin analog) that facilitates capture, clean-up and easy recovery of labeled GTPases using the Pierce Kinase Enrichment Kits.

GTPase Enrichment Kits and Probes:

  • broad enrichment of GTP binding proteins
  • enrichment of enzymes based on function
  • profiling of dozens to hundreds of inhibitor targets and off-targets

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GTPase Enrichment Kit and Probes

GTPase Enrichment Kit and Probes

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