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Imject KLH-Peptide Conjugation Service

High-quality peptides that meet your exact design criteria.

Imject Mariculture KLH-Peptide Conjugation Service

Save time and avoid sub-optimal immunogen-peptide conjugation by using the Thermo Scientific Imject Mariculture KLH-Peptide Conjugation Service to increase the success rate of generating custom antibodies.

KLH is the most popular and immunogenic carrier protein for the preparation of peptide antigens used for immunization and antibody production, and this service combines the best KLH and high-quality peptides with multiple scales and purity options. Peptides 6-25 amino acids in length are first synthesized using the latest Fmoc solid-phase technology and purified using HPLC. The peptides are then conjugated at cysteine side chains or C-termini to Imject Mariculture KLH (mcKLH) using sulfhydryl-reactive maleimide or carboxyl-reactive EDC crosslinking chemistries (respectively). The protein-peptide conjugates are then dialyzed after the coupling reaction to remove salts and non-conjugated peptides to provide the highest possible immunogenicity to produce your target-specific antibodies.


  • Convenient – receive ready-to-use dialyzed and lyophilized KLH-peptide conjugates
  • Flexible – peptide length, scale and purity are customizable
  • High-yield conjugation – each Imject mcKLH molecule can be coupled via primary amines to hundreds of peptide haptens
  • Validated quality – purified and stabilized Imject mcKLH maintains solubility in aqueous solutions, unlike traditional sources of the carrier protein
  • Highly immunogenic – KLH has a high molecular mass (4.5 x 105 to 1.3 x 107 Daltons; aggregates of 350- and 390-kDa subunits) and elicits a stronger immune response than BSA or OVA
  • Sustainable source – Imject mcKLH is harvested from select populations of the mollusk Megathura crenulata (keyhole limpet) grown in mariculture instead of being extracted from wild populations

Benefits of this Service:

  • Circumvents time-consuming KLH-peptide conjugation
  • Reduces the cost of unsuccessful KLH conjugation
  • High-quality conjugates increase the chance of raising a useful antibody

Product Details:

Specifications of the Thermo Scientific Imject KLH-Peptide Conjugation Service
Peptide length 6 to 25 amino acids
Peptide manufacturing scale 1 to 25mg
Peptide purity options >70%, >80%, >90% and >95% pure
Peptide quality control (QC) MALDI MS and analytical HPLC
Peptide conjugation site (reactive group) • Cysteine side chain (thiol group)
• C-terminus (carboxyl group)
Conjugate delivery options ≥10 days, depending on scale and purity
Please inquire about longer peptide lengths
Greater amounts or different scales available upon request

Peptide-protein conjugates are used to raise antibodies against specific peptide targets. Typically, though, the peptides alone are too small to elicit a sufficient immune response and are therefore covalently conjugated to a larger, more complex molecule (usually a protein) to make them immunogenic. Carrier proteins such as keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH), bovine serum albumin (BSA) and ovalbumin (OVA) contain tens to hundreds of epitopes that stimulate T-helper cells, which help induce the B-cell response that results in the biosynthesis of target-specific antibodies. Because the immune system reacts to the peptide-protein conjugate as a whole, antibodies are generated against epitopes on the carrier peptide, the linker and the carrier protein.

Carrier proteins are chosen based on immunogenicity, solubility and whether adequate conjugation with the carrier can be achieved. Because KLH is derived from a mollusk (Megathura crenulata; keyhole limpet), it is phylogenetically distant from mammalian species such as chickens and cows (the sources of OVA and BSA, respectively) and is less likely to produce antibodies that will cross-react with typical target samples in experimental assays.

Traditionally, KLH was obtained from giant keyhole limpets harvested directly from the natural environment. This method disturbs the sensitive shoreline ecosystems where these limpets live. Current methods to obtain KLH are much less threatening to the natural habitat and limpet species survival. Giant keyhole limpets are raised in tanks and harvested (marine culture or "mariculture") where they are occasionally milked of some of their fluids, similar to humans donating blood.


Hermanson, G.T. (2008). Bioconjugate Techniques. 2nd edition, Academic Press, New York. (Part 20036). Chapter 19 discusses carrier protein uses and immunogen preparation.

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For technical support, please call +49-731-29870.

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