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HeavyPeptide AQUA FasTrack Service

Two-step targeted assay development for SRM within a controlled budget.

Thermo Scientific HeavyPeptide FasTrack ServiceThe Thermo Scientific HeavyPeptide AQUA FasTrak Service is a 2-step approach to accelerate targeted assay development and absolute quantitation by selected reaction monitoring (SRM) within a controlled-budget environment.

Quantitative proteomics workflows usually begin with the software-assisted selection of proteotypic peptide candidates. After synthesis, these crude peptides are used to identify the best peptide candidates and optimize the quantitative liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LCMS) assay. Highly pure HeavyPeptides are then synthesized and purified for target quantitation. Traditionally, these steps required 2 independent syntheses, which are time-consuming and expensive. The HeavyPeptide FasTrack Service combines targed assay development and quantitation for a rapid, precise workflow that saves you time and money.

The HeavyPeptide FasTrack Service provides highly pure AQUA Ultimate or QuantPro-grade HeavyPeptides through 2 phases:

FasTrack 1: Crude HeavyPeptides (up to 96 per order) are synthesized within 8 days, and a 100-μg aliquot of each HeavyPeptide is shipped to you for proteotypic peptide selection and assay development. We in turn store the remainder of each crude peptide while you perform your optimzation. Once completed, just indicate the specific peptides and the number of aliquots that you require for target quantitation .

FasTrack 2 (optional): Because the crude peptides selected in FasTrack phase 1 have already been synthesized, there is no need to resynthesize the peptides for target quantitation by SRM. The selected crude peptides are purified to a minimum purity of 97% and fully solubilized using a proprietary process. The HeavyPeptide concentrations are measurement by amino acid analysis, and quality control is performed using MALDI MS and analytical HPLC. Your AQUA-grade HeavyPeptides are then shipped to you on wet ice for target quantitation.

Another cost-effective alternative for the medium- to high-throughput development of SRM assays as part of the targeted assay development are PEPotec SRM custom peptide libraries, which can be supplied in library sizes from 24 to >1000 peptides.


  • Efficient – no need to resynthesize selected peptides for target quantitation
  • Accurate – concentration precision to meet your application needs
  • Sensitive – enables the absolute quantification of low-abundant proteins
  • Consistency – peptides from the same synthesis reaction are used for both assay development and quantitation
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  • Biomarker discovery, verification and validation
  • Functional quantitative proteomics
  • Quantitation of post-translationally modified proteins
  • Confirmation of results from RNA interference (RNAi)
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Metabolomics
  • Clinical biochemistry for drug and metabolite monitoring
  • Anti-doping testing
  • Protein expression monitoring
  • Cell signal profiling and pathway validation

Product Details:

HeavyPeptide FasTrack Service for optimizing quantitative proteomics workflows

The HeavyPeptide FasTrack Service accelerates target assay development and quantitation. A key step for targeted quantitation is identifying sequence-specific or unique target peptides with sufficient signal intensity for the absolute quantitation of the target peptide(s). This step begins with a combination of peptide and spectral database searches and computational (in silico) predictions using programs such as Thermo Scientific Pinpoint Software to identify an initial list of potential peptides that corresponds to multiple proteins of interest. Crude HeavyPeptides are synthesized in FasTrack phase 1 and screened by LCMS. Results are analyzed to optimize LC and MS workflows and identify the best proteotypic sequences for target quantitation. The selected crude peptides are purified in FasTrack phase 2 and used for absolute target quantitation by SRM via LCMS.

Thermo Scientific HeavyPeptide AQUA Grades
Grade Description
AQUA Ultimate Fully solubilized peptides with a precision equal or better than ±5% that are the best choice for biomarker validation and experiments demanding ultimate quantitative precision and batch-to-batch reproducibility.
AQUA QuantPro Fully solubilized peptides with a concentration precision equal or better than ±25% that are ideal for biomarker verification.

Specifications of Thermo Scientific HeavyPeptide FasTrack Phases
Phase FasTrack 1 FasTrack 2
Grade Crude AQUA Ultimate AQUA QuantPro
Formulation Dry 5pmol/μL in 5% (v/v) acetonitrile/H2O 5pmol/μL in 5% (v/v) acetonitrile/H2O
Peptide purity Crude >97% >97%
Amount/No. of aliquots 0.1mg/1 aliquot 10nmol/10 aliquots
40nmol/40 aliquots
96nmol/96 aliquots
10nmol/10 aliquots
40nmol/40 aliquots
96nmol/96 aliquots
Quality control Mass spectrometry MALDI MS and analytical HPLC MALDI MS and analytical HPLC
Delivery time§ 2 weeks 3 weeks 3 weeks
Shipment dry at room temp. in solution on wet ice in solution on wet ice
See HeavyPeptides Synthesis Service for all information on HeavyPeptide custom synthesis
§These production times are estimates that vary based on the number of kits ordered.
CAM tends to cause cyclisation at the N-terminus. Fully cyclized form can be provided upon request.

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For technical support, please call +49-731-29870.

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