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HeavyPeptide AQUA Custom Synthesis Service

High-quality isotopically labelled peptides for absolute quantitation.

Thermo Scientific HeavyPeptide Custom Synthesis ServiceThermo Scientific HeavyPeptide AQUA Custom Synthesis Service provides isotopically labelled, AQUA-grade peptides for the relative and absolute quantitation of proteins at very low concentrations in complex protein mixtures.

HeavyPeptide sequences up to 15 amino acids in length are synthesized using the latest Fmoc solid-phase technology and purified by HPLC. All HeavyPeptide sequences come with mass spectrometric analysis, and AQUA (Absolute QUAntitation) Ultimate and QuantPro-grade peptides also come with stringent analytical HPLC to determine the final purity and assure that you are receiving only the highest quality peptides for absolute quantitation. We offer advanced heavy peptide synthesis capabilities with a wide range of labels, modifications, scales and purities to meet your research needs. HeavyPeptide AQUA-grade peptides are also part of our HeavyPeptides FasTrack Service to accelerate targeted assay development.

These peptides are packaged using our ArgonGuard service, in which peptides are packaged in argon gas to minimize amino acid oxidation during shipping and storage. This standard service helps maintain biological activity of custom peptides and reduce experimental variation.


  • Accurate – concentration precision to meet your application needs
  • Consistent results – ArgonGuard service helps maintain biological activity of peptides
  • Sensitive – enables the absolute quantification of low-abundant proteins
  • Specific – 100% peptide sequence specificity
  • Flexible – extensive list of available modifications, solvents, concentrations, aliquots and formats


  • One isotopically labelled peptide (HeavyPeptide) or non-labelled control peptide sequence
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  • Biomarker discovery, verification and validation
  • Functional quantitative proteomics
  • Quantitation of post-translational modifications
  • Confirmation of RNA interference (RNAi)
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Metabolomics
  • Clinical biochemistry for drug and metabolite monitoring
  • Anti-doping testing
  • Protein expression monitoring
  • Cell signal profiling and pathway validation

Product Details:

Thermo Scientific HeavyPeptide AQUA Grades
Grade Description
AQUA Ultimate Fully solubilized peptides with a precision equal or better than ±5% that are the best choice for biomarker validation and experiments demanding ultimate quantitative precision and batch-to-batch reproducibility.
AQUA QuantPro Fully solubilized peptides with a concentration precision equal or better than ±25% that are ideal for biomarker verification.
AQUA Basic Lyophilized peptides that are more adequate for relative quantitation. The batch-to-batch consistency is difficult to predict.

Specifications of Thermo Scientific HeavyPeptide AQUA-Grade Standards
Grade AQUA Ultimate AQUA QuantPro AQUA Basic
Formulation 5pmol/μL in 5% (v/v) acetonitrile/H2O  5pmol/μL in 5% (v/v) acetonitrile/H2O Lyophilized
Actual concentration Measured by AAA Measured by AAA Measured by AAA
Concentration precision ±5% ±25%  
Peptide purity >97% >97% >95%
Isotopic enrichment >99% >99% >99%
Peptide length Up to 15 amino acids Up to 15 amino acids Up to 15 amino acids
Amount/No. of aliquots 10nmol/10 aliquots
40nmol/40 aliquots
96nmol/96 aliquots
10nmol/10 aliquots
40nmol/40 aliquots
96nmol/96 aliquots
15 to 30 nmol†† (0.05 to 0.1mg)/1 aliquot
Quality control MALDI MS and analytical HPLC MALDI MS and analytical HPLC MALDI MS and analytical HPLC
Delivery time§ 4 weeks 4 weeks 4 weeks
Shipment in solution on wet ice in solution on wet ice dry at room temp.
Product options
  • Additional light amino acids to extend the peptide length
  • Additional heavy amino acid on each peptide
  • Multiple solvents, concentrations and aliquot sizes available
  • Peptides delivered in various formats (i.e., 96-well plate with or without detachable tubes in glass or plastic, 2D barcodes, etc.)
Peptide modifications
  • Single or double phosphorylation (pY, pT or pS)
  • Cysteine carbamidomethylation (CAM)
  • Chloro-L-Tyrosine
  • Pryoglutamic acid
  • Methionine oxidation (Met[O])
  • Other modifications available on request
Amino acid analysis
§These production times are estimates that vary based on the number of kits ordered.
††The 30nmol amount is valid for peptides 6-15 amino acids in length. For shorter or longer peptides, the amount might decrease to as little as 15nmol.
CAM tends to cause cyclisation at the N-terminus. Fully cyclized form can be provided upon request.

Heavy amino acids offered with Thermo Scientific HeavyPeptide Custom Synthesis
Amino acid Code Mass difference Isotope Isotopic enrichment
Alanine A +4Da U-13C3, 15N >99%
Arginine R +10Da U-13C6, 15N4 >99%
Isoleucine I +7Da U-13C6, 15N >99%
Leucine L +7Da U-13C6, 15N4 >99%
Lysine K +8Da U-13C6, 15N2 >99%
Phenylalanine F +10Da U-13C9, 15N >99%
Proline P +6Da U-13C5, 15N >99%
Valine V +6Da U-13C5, 15N >99%
Other amino acids on request.

Every peptide synthesis is a challenge. Over the last 12 years, our team has accumulated tremendous expertise through tens of thousands of successful custom peptides syntheses. By carefully listening to our world-wide customer base, we are constantly adapting our product offering to your needs. For example, your custom peptides are now packaged using our ArgonGuard packaging service to maximize biological activity during shipment and storage. The noble gas argon is added to the vial during peptide packaging, which minimizes potential oxidation of peptides containing cysteine, methionine or tryphtophan (1).

Our team of expert peptide scientists will support you starting from the design phase of your peptide to the right modifications, scale or purity for your assay to help you obtain the best experimental results for your application.


  1. McKinnie S. M. K. et al. (2012) The solid phase supported peptide synthesis of analogues of the lantibiotic lactocin s. MedChemComm.
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