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Changes in Fermentas Proteomics Product Offering

New product numbers and ordering process, effective since June 15, 2011.

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New product numbers for legacy Fermentas Products

In 2011, certain Fermentas products became part of the Thermo Scientific protein research product portfolio, and their product numbers and packaging changed. Despite these changes, the manufacturing and quality control for these products continues to reside with the same highly qualified scientists and trained technicians responsible for them previously. You may continue to order these products from your current distributor, but please use the new Thermo Scientific Pierce product numbers.

New product numbers for legacy Fermentas products.
Discontinued Part No. New Part No. Description and link
SM1881 26630 PageRuler Unstained Broad Range Protein Ladder
SM1891 26632 PageRuler Unstained Low Range Protein Ladder
SM0661 26614 PageRuler Unstained Protein Ladder
SM0431 26610 Unstained Protein Molecular Weight Marker
SM0671, SM0672 26616, 26617 PageRuler Prestained Protein Ladder
SM1811, SM1812 26619, 26620 PageRuler Plus Prestained Protein Ladder
SM1841, SM1842 26634, 26623 Spectra Multicolor Broad Range Protein Ladder
SM1861 26628 Spectra Multicolor Low Range Protein Ladder
SM1851 26625 Spectra Multicolor High Range Protein Ladder
SM0441 26612 Prestained Protein Molecular Weight Marker
R0571 24620 PageBlue Protein Staining Solution

Replacement products for discontinued Fermentas Products

Other Fermentas products were discontinued if equivalent Thermo Scientific Pierce product existed.

Recommended Thermo Scientific Pierce to replace discontinued Fermentas products.
If you previously purchased this Fermentas product... Now purchase this Thermo Scientific product
Part No.
Description New Part No. Description
B46 10X Tris-glycine-SDS Electrophoresis Buffer 28362 10X Tris-Glycine SDS Buffer
28378 BupH Tris-Glycine-SDS Buffer Packs
B47 10X Tris-glycine Electrophoresis Buffer 28363 10X Tris-Glycine Buffer
28380 BupH Tris-Glycine Buffer Packs
B48 10X Tris-tricine-SDS Electrophoresis Buffer N/A N/A
K0301 ProteoJET Mammalian Cell Lysis Reagent 78501 M-PER Mammalian Protein Extraction Reagent
K0311 ProteoJET Cytoplasmic and Nuclear Protein Extraction Kit 78833 NE-PER Nuclear and Cytoplasmic Extraction Reagents
K0321 ProteoJET Membrane Protein Extraction Kit 89842 Mem-PER Plus Membrane Protein Extraction Kit
K0681 PageSilver Silver Staining Kit 24612 Pierce Silver Stain Kit
R0882 Protein Standard Solution 23209 BSA Standard Ampules
R0891 Protein Loading Buffer Pack 39000 Lane Marker Reducing Sample Buffer
R1011 DualColor Protein Loading Buffer Pack 39000 Lane Marker Reducing Sample Buffer
R1271 Bradford Reagent, Ready-to-use 23236 Coomassie Plus (Bradford) Protein Assay
R1281 BSA Standard Set, Ready-to-use 23208 BSA Standard Pre-Diluted
R1291 BGG Standard Set, ready-to-use 23213 BGG Standard Pre-Diluted Set
R1321 ProteoBlock Protease Inhibitor Cocktail 87786 Halt Protease Inhibitor Cocktail
R1411 Turbofect Protein Transfection Reagent 89850 Pierce Protein Transfection Reagent

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Product Instructions | MSDS | CofA  

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