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Custom Peptide Synthesis Service

High-quality peptides that meet your exact design criteria.

Thermo Scientific Custom Peptide ServicesThermo Scientific Custom Peptide Synthesis Service provides synthetic peptides with a wide range of labels, modifications, scales, purities and delivery time options to meet your research needs.

This service includes advanced custom peptide capabilities with a wide range of labels, modifications, scales, purities and delivery time options to meet your research needs. Peptides between 4 and 75 amino acids in length are synthesized using the latest Fmoc solid-phase technology and purified using HPLC. All peptides come with mass spectrometric analysis, and purified peptides come with stringent analytical HPLC to determine final purity and assure you are receiving only the highest quality peptides. The option of priority production also enables you to receive peptides when you need them.

These peptides are packaged using our ArgonGuard service, in which peptides are packaged in argon gas to minimize amino acid oxidation during shipping and storage. This standard service helps maintain biological activity of custom peptides and reduce experimental variation.


  • Rapid production – 75% of standard peptides are synthesized and shipped within 10 days
  • Consistent results – synthesis rate of close to 100% and ArgonGuard service to help maintain biological activity during shipping and storage
  • Pure – all peptides are analyzed by MS alone or combined with analytical HPLC
  • Flexible – extensive list of available modifications
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  • Antibody production
  • Epitope mapping
  • Protein structure-function analysis

Product Details:

Specifications and available options with Thermo Scientific Custom Peptide Synthesis Service
Peptide length 4 to 75 amino acids; L- or D-isoforms
Manufacturing scale 0.1 to 100mg
Purity options From crude to >97% pure
Modifications offered Biotinylation
Carrier protein conjugation. . . and more!
View all available modifications!
Quality control (QC) MALDI MS for crude peptides;
MALDI MS and analytical HPLC for all other grades of purity
Production options†† Standard delivery – 2 to 4 weeks
Priority production – 1 week
Please inquire about longer peptide lengths
Greater amounts available upon request
†† Depends on region and peptide complexity

Every peptide synthesis is a challenge. Over the last 12 years, our team has accumulated tremendous expertise through tens of thousands of successful custom peptides syntheses. By carefully listening to our world-wide customer base, we are constantly adapting our product offering to your needs. For example, your custom peptides are now packaged using our ArgonGuard packaging service to maximize biological activity during shipment and storage. The noble gas argon is added to the vial during peptide packaging, which minimizes potential oxidation of peptides containing cysteine, methionine or tryphtophan (1).

Our team of expert peptide scientists will support you starting from the design phase of your peptide to the right modifications, scale or purity for your assay to help you obtain the best experimental results for your application.

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Ordering information for North American customers Ordering information for customers in Europe, Asia, the Pacific Region, Latin America and the Middle East and all other regions

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  1. McKinnie S. M. K. et al. (2012) The solid phase supported peptide synthesis of analogues of the lantibiotic lactocin s. MedChemComm.
  2. Lehmann E. et al. (1999) Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectra reflect solution-phase zinc finger peptide complexation. J Am Soc Mass Spectrom. 10, 27-34.

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