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HABA Calculator, Microplate

Enter the following values:

Note: Please do NOT use commas when entering values e.g., 150000 or 0.69

1. Cuvette width (cell path length):
Assume 0.5cm for a typical 96-well plate when filling wells with 200–250μL of solution. Do you need to determine the exact microplate path length?
b = cm
2. Absorbance of HABA/avidin solution: A500 H/a = A.U.
3. Absorbance of HABA/avidin/biotin solution: A500 H/a/b = A.U.
4. Molecular weight of protein: MW = g/mol
5. Concentration of protein in original sample:
This is the protein concentration before making any dilutions and is used to accommodate high levels of biotin.
[protein] = mg/ml
6. Pre-assay protein sample dilution factor:
Change the default value if the original sample of biotinylated protein was diluted before using an aliquot for the assay. A value of 1 (default) means no dilution was made, while a value of 5 indicates that the original sample was diluted 5-fold before the assay.
d.f. = X


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