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Western Blot Workflow Selection Guide

Quick links to essential products for protein electrophoresis and Western blot detection.

Western Blot Workflow Product Selection GuideWestern blotting is a method that remains a fundamental and integral part of research programs involving protein biology.

In this technique, protein samples derived from biological fluids or by lysis of cultured cells are first separated by gel electrophoresis and transferred onto PVDF or nitrocellulose membrane. Then proteins of interest are probed with specific antibodies that are tagged (most commonly with HRP enzyme), allowing those protein bands on the blot to be detected and imaged after tag-specific substrates are applied.

The Thermo Scientific Pierce product line includes reagents, kits, gels, membranes, antibodies, and equipment to facilitate every step of Western blot analysis.

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Western Blot Workflow

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Western blot workflow diagram

Pierce Cell Lysis Reagents Subcellular Fractionation Kits Organelle Enrichment Kits Detergent Solutions Protease Inhibitors and Phosphatase Inhibitors Biotin Labeling Reagents Crosslinking Reagents Dialysis Cassettes and Devices Desalting Columns Centrifugal Ultrafiltration Concentrators Detergent Removal Resins and Kits Phosphoprotein Enrichment Kit Ubiquitin Enrichment Kit Glycoprotein Isolation Kits Albumin Removal Kit IP Kits for Immunoprecipitation Tag-based Pull-down and IP Kits Pierce Magnetic Beads BCA,Coomassie, Bradford Protein Assay Reagents Pre-cast Gels for SDS-PAGE Protein Molecular Weight Markers and Ladders Stains for Protein Gels Pierce G2 Fast Blotter Nitrocellulose and PVDF Membranes Buffers for Protein Methods Blocking Buffers Streptavidin and other Biotin-binding Conjugates Antibody Labeling Reagents and Kits ECL and other Western Blot Substrates Pierce ECL and SuperSignal Substrates CL-XPosure X-ray Film for ECL Blots myECL Imager myImageAnalysis Software Western Blot Stripping Buffers Primary Antibodies Secondary Antibodies Cell Lysis and Protein Extraction Dialysis, Desalting and Buffer Exchange Products Affinity Purification Products Protein Assay Products Electrophoresis and Staining Products Pierce G2 Fast Blotter Western Blot Products Conjugates for Western Blot and ELISA
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