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Precise Protein Gels FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Precise Protein Gels


Do I have to buy a new tank in order to use Precise Gels?
No. Precise Gels are compatible with most popular gel tanks (see product page).

What percentages of acrylamide are available with Precise Gels?
Precise Gels come in five different types: 4-20% and 8-16% gradient gels 8, 10 and 12% homogeneous gels.

How many sample wells?
Precise Gels come in 10-, 12- and 15-well formats.

What is the sample volume of the wells?
10-well gels hold 50µl per well; 12-well gels hold 30µl per well; 15-well gels hold 25µl per well.

How much protein can I load?
Load up to 50 µg/well when using Precise Gels.

What is the thickness of Precise Gels?
The Precise Gels are 1mm thick.

What is the expiration date of Precise Gels?
Precise Gels have an 18-month shelf life from the date of manufacture.

Do Precise Gels have a stacking gel?
Yes. The gels have a 4% stacking gel that is ~7mm in length. The pH of the stacker is pH 7 (the pH is the same throughout the gel). The stacking effect is attributed to the sieving effect of the stacker as opposed to the traditional stacking effects caused by a change in pH.

What is the pH of the Precise Gels?
The pH of the Precise Gels is pH 7.

Do Precise Gels contain SDS?
No. Precise Gels do not contain SDS. SDS is used to denature proteins and surround them with a uniform net negative charge. The charges on the protein become negligible and their shape no longer has an effect such that electrophoresis is conducted purely on size. Precise Gels need to be run with SDS. The SDS included in the sample and running buffers is enough to denature the proteins and maintain them in that state throughout the run.

Can I use Precise Gels for native electrophoresis?
No. Precise gel must be run with SDS in the Sample buffer and in the Tris-HEPES running buffer.

Can the Precise Gels be dried?
Yes. Precise Gels can be air-dried. Dry your gels with a commercial drying solution if cracking is a problem. The recommended drying solution is 4% ethylene glycol in 35% ethanol.

Can I stain Precise Gels with Coomassie? How much methanol can be used in the stain? How do I destain?
All standard staining solutions work on Precise Gels. However, best results are obtained with methanol concentrations of less than 30%. Coomassie stained gels can be destained with 6% acetic acid.

Can I do Western blots with Precise Gels?
Yes. Precise Gels can used for Western blotting.

Can Precise Gels be run in MOPS, MES, Tris-glycine, etc running buffers?
No. Precise Gels can only be used with Tris-Hepes-SDS running buffer when separating proteins. This buffer system allows gels to run in 45 minutes. Using other buffers will have negative effects on performance.

Do Precise Gels contain sodium azide?
Yes. The gel storage buffer does contain sodium azide which is washed away.

Why do Precise Gels use Tris-HEPES instead of Tris-glycine?
Precise Gels are the newest technology in SDS-PAGE. The Tris-HEPES buffer system gives our gels longer shelf life (18 months from manufacturing date), shorter run time (45 minutes), better or equal resolution compared to traditional precast gels.

Why are Precise Gels smaller than other suppliers' gels?
Precise Gels are shorter than Invitrogen* Novex* Gels, but they have the same gel length devoted to resolving proteins. The reason Precise Gels appear to have less gel length for protein resolution is two-fold. First, the stacking gel is shorter (it is unnecessarily long in Novex Gels). Second, the resolving gel extends to the bottom of the cassette, while in Novex gels it occurs only to the slot which is about 1 cm above the bottom. In short, there is less waste with Precise Gels.


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