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Mass Spec Sample Prep Workflow

Quick links to essential products for protein sample prep and analysis by MS.

MS Sample Prep GuideMass spectrometry ("mass spec" or MS) is a powerful analytical tool for proteomics research and drug discovery. MS enables identification and quantification of known and unknown compounds by revealing their structural and chemical properties. Proper sample preparation for MS-based analysis is a critical step in the proteomics workflow because the quality and reproducibility of sample extraction and preparation for downstream analysis significantly impacts the separation and identification capabilities of mass spectrometers.

Because the proteome is so complex, there is no one standard method for preparing protein samples for MS analysis. Protocols differ depending on the type of sample, experiment and method of analysis. For example, preparing samples from a biological fluid involves a different set of procedures than preparing samples from cell culture or tissue. Many factors must be considered, including the source, type, physical properties, abundance, complexity, matrix effects and cellular location of the target proteins.

Our scientists recognize the need for integrated proteomics solutions and continually strive to develop products and technologies that are compatible and supportive of MS analysis. The following workflow highlights options for preparing samples from a variety of starting materials for successful mass spec analysis.

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Mass Spectrometry Workflow

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Mass spectrometry sample prep workflow diagram

Graphite spin columns Organelle enrichment Glycoprotein isolation Ubiquitin enrichment Phosphoprotein enrichment Albumin depletion kit Crosslinking reagents Tandem mass tagging reagents Protease inhibitors Cell lysis reagents Cell surface protein isolation SILAC stable isotope labeling Silver stain for mass spec Coomassie protein stains Titanium Dioxide Phosphopeptide Enrichment Kit Fe-NTA Phosphopeptide Enrichment Kit In-gel tryptic digestion In-solution trypsin digestion MS-grade proteases Desalting columns Dialysis cassettes C-18 columns C-18 spin tips Protein precipitation plates Ion exchange columns C-18 tips Thermo Scientific LTQ Orbitap XL Mass Spectrometer MALID matrices Ion pairing reagents Detergent removal columns Calibration solutions for mass spectrometers Kinase enrichment kits and probes GTPase enrichment kits and probes Serine hydrolase enrichment probes Abundant protein depletion columns Trypsin protease, MS grade Mass spec sample prep kit for cultured cells
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