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Overview of 96-well Filter Spin Plate Applications

Thermo Scientific Pierce 96-well Spin Plates are designed for high-throughput chromatography applications. These multi-well plates are adapted from traditional chromatography spin-columns to allow the simultaneous processing of up to 96 samples.

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  • Fast – optimized for high-throughput sample processing
  • Compatible – use with automated plate handling systems or common centrifuges
  • Reproducible – low well-to-well yield variance
  • Ready – simply remove the sealing tape and add your sample

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Zeba 96-well Spin Plates have two components: a deep-well plate packed with chromatography resin and a collection plate to retain liquids that pass through the resin bed. The deep-well plate comprises a packed chromatography resin bed on top of a polyethylene filter. Pre-packed filter plates are sealed on both the top and bottom of the plate to prevent the resin bed from drying out and avoid contamination during storage. The bottom of each well on the filter plate has a drip director (elution spout) to channel liquids into specific wells of the collection plate.

Multiple samples can be added to the filter plate using standard single or multi-channel pipettes or through common high-throughput automated equipment. Once loaded, the samples can be processed through the chromatography resin bed through a variety of approaches, including centrifugation using swinging-bucket rotors that hold standard 96-well plates or by vacuum or positive-pressure filtration.

Zeba Spin Desalting Plate
Zeba Spin Desalting Plate


Zeba 96-well spin plates are commonly used for three types of applications: recombinant protein purification, antibody purification and protein sample clean-up. For each application, the 96-well filter plate is filled with an optimized resin volume and used at a centrifuge speed that allows maximum flow-through.

Use the links below to learn about specific filter plate applications:

    Protein purification
          Immobilized cobalt agarose resin
          Immobilized Ni-NTA agarose resin
          Immobilized glutathione agarose resin
    Antibody screening
          Immobilized Protein A agarose resin
          Immobilized Protein G agarose resin
    Protein clean-up
          Zeba Desalting Resin
          Detergent Removal Resin

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Common Specifications of Thermo Scientific Zeba 96-well Filter Plates.
Plate dimensions (l x w x h) 127.76 x 85.5 x 45mm ± 0.25mm
Well depth 27.11 ± 0.10mm
Well diameter 7 ± 0.10mm
Well off-set 9mm
Well volume 800µL
Plate material polypropylene
Filter material polyethylene
Filter pore size 20µm
Collection plate maximum volume 150µL
Max centrifuge speed up to 1000 x g
Suggested balance plate use Part No. 45205
Plate height includes collection plate for total stack height

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