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ELISA Kit Package Sizes - Selection Guide

Three ELISA kit formats and package sizes to suit any budget and scale of use.

ELISA Kit Package Size Selection GuideMany of our protein-specific ELISA kits are available in one of three basic formats and package sizes.

Complete ELISA Kits contain pre-coated antibody-plates, detection antibodies, buffers, diluents, standards, and substrates. ELISA Reagent Kits (formerly called "Screening Sets") contain matched antibodies and all other reagents but no coated plates. ELISA Antibody Pair Kits (formerly "MiniKits") contain only matched antibodies and standard (no plates or detection reagents).

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ELISA Kit Contents

ELISA kit package types. For most targets, the detection antibody is biotinylated, in which case the HRP Conjugate is streptavidin-HRP.
Kit Contents Antibody
Pair Kits
Plate Kits
Coating Antibody X X Coated
Detection Antibody X X X
Calibrated Standard X X X
HRP Conjugate   X X
TMB Substrate Solution   X X
Stop Solution   X X
Standard-Sample Diluent     X
Wash Buffer     X
HRP Dilution Buffer     X
Adhesive Plate Covers     X
Precoated 96-well Strip Plate     X
Package Sizes Sufficient For: 40
1, 2 or 5


ELISA Kits (with precoated plate) are complete kits that include detailed instructions and all the required reagents to perform a quantitative sandwich ELISA with a variety of samples (e.g. serum, plasma, cell culture supernatants). Each kit has lot-optimized reagents titrated to the precoated plate to ensure maximum sensitivity and ease-of-use. Any changes to the protocol can significantly affect the ELISA results and will require additional optimization to yield the best results.

Reagent Kits include pre-titered coating and detection antibodies, recommended buffers and a detailed protocol for preparing a quantitative sandwich ELISA. They require users to separately purchase plates and buffers and to coat the capture antibody at the specified concentration. Reagent Kits are designed to give optimal results for cell culture supernatants with the specific protocol. However, the reagent format provides flexibility to researchers to potentially modify and re-optimize the protocol as needed.

Antibody Pair Kits include validated matched pairs of antibodies and calibrated standard for custom ELISA development. Using the recommended buffers described in the detailed protocol, these kits provide bulk antibody pairs for analyzing up to forty 96-well plates. The reagents are optimized for reliable performance using the specific antibody concentrations described in the protocol, but researchers can modify and re-optimize the protocol as needed.

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