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Easy-Titer Antibody Assay Kits FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Easy-Titer Antibody Assay Kits


Can the kits be used with cell culture supernatant?
Yes. Samples are diluted at least 20-fold (usually much more) in the assay dilution buffer, rendering them fully compatible with the bead agglutination method.

Do the kits come with a microplate?
No. Any standard, clear 96-well microplate can be used for this assay method.

How do I pipette small volumes?
The assay method requires many-fold dilution of sample (so that the target immunoglobulin is at 5-500ng/ml). To obtain accurate results, this dilution must be done carefully. Use properly matched pipette sizes (e.g., do not use a 200µl pipetter to measure 10µl) and make the dilution in two or three steps (e.g., 10-fold times 10-fold)

I am having problems with my standard curve, what do I need to do?
Make sure that you are mixing the samples vigorously. We set our shaker near the highest setting for this step. For best results, the beads must be fully dispersed.

Will fetal bovine serum (FBS) in a sample interfere with the assay?
No, these assay use beads with target-specific antibodies, so off-target immunoglobulins have little or no effect on assay performance.

Will the kits cross-react with other species or immunoglobulin types?
No. The level of cross-reaction is neglible for common mixtures that we have tested.


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