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Biotinylation Reagent Selection Guide

Find a biotin labeling reagent for your experiment.

This Biotinylation Reagent Selection Guide provides quick access to customized lists of Thermo Scientific EZ-Link Biotin Reagents that meet specific criteria, including target functional group, spacer arm length and solubility.

Select the desired features and click the 'Submit' button. Search results include a list of products in order of reagent length (spacer arm length) with links to individual product pages. Alternatively, simply browse our entire line of biotinylation reagents.

Chemical Reactivity
Cleavable Yes
No Specific Requirement
Water Soluble Yes
No Specific Requirement
Membrane Permeable Yes
No Specific Requirement


  • What is our definition of water soluble? With very few exceptions, all biotin reagents are soluble in miscible organic solvents such as DMSO, DMF or acetonitrile. Typical protocols involve first dissolving the reagent at 10X the working concentration and then adding it to an aqueous reaction mixture. Organic solvents are not compatible with certain applications, and directly aqueous-soluble reagents are preferable in these situations. We classify reagents as water-soluble if they can be dissolved directly in water or aqueous buffers at greater than 1 to 5X the concentration needed for typical procedures.
  • Still need help? Contact Technical Support; our scientists will be glad to help you plan a protein labeling strategy. You may also want to browse our entire line of biotinylation reagents.
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