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Technical Handbooks/Specialty Catalogs

Antibody Immunostaining Guide (1601971)
Immunofluorescence (IF) and immunohistochemistry (IHC) are two methods commonly used to detect proteins in a cellular context.

Antibody Production & Purification Guide (1601975)
The Antibody Production and Purification Technical Handbook provides an overview of antibody structure and types, as well as technical information on the procedures, reagents and tools used to produce, purify, fragment and label antibodies.

Assay Development Hanbook (1602126) PDF Only
The handbook describes the essential techniques and tools for designing and optimizing ELISA Assays. Featured products include coated microplates, standards, blockers, buffers, probe-labeling reagents, secondary antibodies and detection substrates.

Avidin-Biotin Tech Handbook (1601675) PDF Only
This handbook has information on biotinylation reagents, affinity supports, ABC staining kits and several references.

Cell Lysis Handbook Supplement (1602377) PDF Only
This handbook supplement features our latest cell lysis products, including novel lysis products for neuronal cells and synaptosomes, subcellular protein fractionation kits for tissues, protease and/or phosphatase inhibitor tablets and universal nuclease.

Cell Lysis Technical Handbook (1601757) PDF Only
Provides protocols and technical and product information to help maximize results for cell lysis and Protein/Gene Expression studies.

Crosslinking Reagents Technical Handbook (1602163)
This 54-page guide covers all the basics of crosslinking and the structure and properties of the Pierce crosslinking reagents that are used. It also contains a discussion on crosslinker chemistry and various crosslinking applications.

Custom Peptide Brochure (1602803)
Every peptide synthesis is a challenge. At Thermo Fisher Scientific, we have the experience, equipment and knowledge to meet your needs for custom peptide synthesis. andlt;

Cytokine ELISA Technology Guide (1601999) PDF Only
The new Thermo Scientific Pierce Cytokine ELISA Brochure features a variety of products to detect cytokines in immunoassays. The brochure covers kits, both for colorimetric and chemiluminescent ELISA detection methods.

Electrophoresis Gel Stains Guide (1601701)
This handbook contains technical information on GelCode Blue Stain Reagent, Silver Stain, and Pierce Reversible Stain Kits.

Electrophoresis Handbook (1601925)
Electrophoresis and Staining Handbook (#1601924)(C15)

Fluorescent Products Guide (1602361)
This handbook features Thermo Scientific DyLight Dyes and Conjugates, Dye Removal Columns, Antibody Labeling Kits, Western Blotting Kits, and MW Markers, including the new DyLight products.

FPLC Purification Handbook (1602101)
Learn how FPLC techniques can help you purify His-tagged proteins, GST-tagged proteins and antibodies. The brochure also focuses on FPLC cartridges for use with biotin-binding proteins, for the enrichment of phosphoproteins and protein desalting.

Fusion Protein Purification Brochure (1602579)

High-Performance Dialysis Guide (1602457) PDF Only
No matter what size sample you need to dialyze, Pierce has a high-performance dialysis product that will expedite and take the hassle of out of the dialysis process.

Large Volume - Custom Guide (1601943) PDF Only
Partner with us to scale-up your process or product development pipeline with special pricing on bulk quantities of our high quality immunoassay reagents and biochemicals.

Mass Spectrometry Sample Prep Handbook (1602773)
The improved version of the Mass Spec Sample Prep provides background, helpful hints and troubleshooting advice for cell lysis, sample prep, detection, mass spec sample prep and downstream applications.

Neuroscience Technical Handbook (PB_2012_52)

Protein Assay Handbook (1602063) PDF Only
This guide reviews the principle of 4 major protein assay chemistries and contains a substance compatibility list. In addition, reaction schemes, protein-to-protein variation data, protocol schematics and a tech summary table for each assay methodology.

Protein Interactions Handbook (1601945)
Provides protocols and technical and product information to help maximize results for Protein Interaction studies.

Protein Purification Handbook (1602015)
The revised 80-page handbook provides technical and product information to help maximize results for protein purification procedures.

Protein:Nucleic Acid Interactions Guide (1601963)
Protein:nucleic acid interactions, including ChIP assays, EMSAs, affinity methods and crosslinking reagents.

Quantitative Proteomics Handbook (1602775)
Our Quantitative Proteomics Handbook provides an overview of protein quantitation tools and reagents for discovery and targeted proteomics.

Western Blotting Handbook (1602761)
This handbook details each step of the estern blotting process with technical information and products for transfer, blocking, washing, antibodies, substrates, film and stripping buffer, including Pierce Fast Western products.

Zeba Desalting Brochure (1602753)

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