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ELISA and Target-Specific Assay Kits

Sandwich ELISA, EIA and other assay kits for detection and measurement of specific cytokines, chemokines, cell signaling proteins, transcription factors, and other cellular targets.

96-well plate sandwich ELISA kits and matched antibody pairs to assay cytokines, growth factors and soluble receptors in serum, plasma, media and cell culture supernatant samples from human, mouse and other species. 

In-Cell ELISA Kits for Specific Targets
Colorimetric and infrared fluorescent assay kits for whole-cell ELISA quantitation of specific intracellular proteins in plates of cultured cells (96-well or 384-well). 

In Vivo Imaging Probes and Reagents
Specialized reagents to detect target proteins or reactions in vivo, such as caspase activation indicative of apoptosis using our popular DyLight fluorescent reagents.  

Accessory Reagents for ELISA and ELISPOT
Blocking buffers, wash buffers, stop solution, substrates and peroxidase conjugates for cytokine ELISA methods. 

Recombinant Proteins
Recombinant cytokines, chemokines and growth factors for bovine, human, mouse, porcine, rat and other species. These products have been moved to pierce-antibodies.com. 

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Product Instructions | MSDS | CofA  

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