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Protein Sample Prep Tools for Mass Spectrometry

Affinity columns, filter plates, precipitation and contaminant-removal kits and proteases to enrich, purify, clean up, digest and recover proteins for downstream proteomics analysis by mass spectrometry.

Easily and reliably extract and digest proteins to prepare peptides from cultured cells for mass spectrometry proteomics applications using this complete, all-in-one kit. 

Quickly and economically remove albumin, IgG and other abundant human serum or plasma proteins with these single-use spin columns to facilitate peptide identification by mass spectrometry. 

Agarose resin of Cibacron Blue dye for high-capacity, selective extraction of human serum albumin from 10 to 150 microliter serum samples. 

Accessory pack of caps and adaptors to fit 1mL and 5mL cartridges of desalting or affinity resins for manual or automated liquid chromatography equipment. 

Trypsin-digest and recover peptide fragments for mass spectrometry from 150 stained protein bands excised from SDS-PAGE (polyacrylamide gel plugs). 

Proteomics-grade trypsin, buffers and reagents to alkylate and digest proteins and then guanidinate the peptide fragments for mass spectrometry (MS). 

Maximize peptide identification in quantitative proteomics mass spectrometry using highly purified porcine trypsin that has been chemically modified to eliminate chymotrypsin activity. 

Maximize peptide identification in quantitative proteomics mass spectrometry using Lys-N protease to complement and extend sequence coverage of trypsin digestion. 

Individual, highly-specific proteases for use in custom combinations to improve sequence coverage and protein identification for mass spectrometry. 

96-well filter plates to quickly precipitate and remove proteins from serum or other biological fluids to purify small molecules for mass spectrometry. 

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