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Protein Electrophoresis and Staining

Precast gels, running buffers, molecular weight markers, and gel stains necessary for sample preparation, loading and analysis when studying proteins by electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE).

Electrophoresis Sample Prep Kits
Clean-up kits and reagents specifically designed to remove contaminants, detergents and other incompatible components from protein samples to make them ready for gel loading and protein electrophoresis. 

Gel-Casting and Polymerization Reagents
Polyacrylamide solutions, buffers, polymerizing agents and catalysts for pouring and casting protein electrophoresis gels for SDS-PAGE. 

Loading Buffers for SDS-PAGE
Protein sample loading buffers for electrophoresis by reducing or non-reducing denaturing SDS-PAGE in standard Tris-glycine gels and other varieties of mini gels and pre-cast gels. 

Protein Electrophoresis Gels
Pre-cast uniform and gradient gels as polyacrylamide mini gels (precast gels) for SDS-PAGE protein electrophoresis, including cassettes and sample-well varieties that provide long shelf-life, fast run-time, and excellent resolution. 

Protein Molecular Weight Markers
Unstained, pre-stained and labeled molecular weight markers (MW markers) and protein ladders for SDS-PAGE to facilitate assessment of relative protein sizes in colorimetric and chemiluminescent methods. 

Stains for Protein Gels (PAGE)
Coomassie blue, monochromatic silver, fluorescent, infrared and other sensitive or reversible gel stain reagents and kits for total or class-specific detection of proteins in polyacrylamide gels or transfer membranes. 

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