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Protein and Antibody Labeling

Labeling reagents and kits to label an antibody or other protein to make a fluorescent probe, enzyme conjugate, biotinylated binding reagent or iodine labeled tracer for detecting proteins in tissues, cells, or biochemical assays.

Biotin Labeling Reagents for Proteins
Biotinylation reagents and kits to chemically tag and label antibodies, proteins and peptides with biotin at particular amino acid functional groups to create labeled antibody or other probes for streptavidin affinity binding, purification and detection. 

Enzyme Labeling Reagents for Proteins
Horseradish peroxidase (HRP), alkaline phosphatase (AP) and other substrate enzymes in purified, activated and kit formats for easy conjugation to proteins and preparation of antibody conjugates for immunoassay procedures. 

Fluorescent Labeling Reagents for Proteins
Convenient kits and activated fluorescent dyes for labeling amines, sulfhydryls and other antibody or protein functional groups with FITC, fluorescein, rhodamine or one of several DyLight Fluors to create molecular probes for fluorescence imaging. 

Iodine Labeling Reagents for Proteins
Tyrosine addition compounds and tyrosyl activation vessels that replace chloramine T oxidation reagents to efficiently label proteins and other molecules with radioactive iodine (usually 125I), a process called iodination, for use as tracers and probes. 

Metabolic Labeling Reagents for Proteins
Bioorthogonal azide-modified amino acids, sugars and other compounds for metabolic incorporation into proteins and macromolecules to enable labeling and chemoselective conjugate with alkyne or phosphine reagents via Staudinger ligation chemistry. 

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