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Protein Affinity Purification

Agarose beads and other resins for specific purification of proteins and other target molecules, kits for immunoprecipitation (IP), activated resins for covalent immobilization of ligands, and columns for packing affinity resins.

Antibody Purification Resins and Kits
A wide selection of agarose beads, affinity supports and purification kits to purify total or specific antibodies from serum, ascites fluid or culture supernatant; includes many varieties of Protein A, Protein G and Protein A/G resins and kits. 

Biotin-Binding Affinity Resins and Beads
Avidin and streptavidin agarose beads and resins to bind, immobilize and purify biotinylated antibodies and other ligands with high specificity for the avidin-biotin interaction in small- or large-scale affinity purification applications. 

Fusion Protein Purification
Nickel-NTA and cobalt immobilized metal affinity chromatography (IMAC) resins, columns and kits for His-tagged protein purification; Glutathione agarose beads and kits for GST-tagged protein purification. 

Immunoprecipitation and Pull-Down Kits
Several varieties of immunoprecipitation (IP), co-immunoprecipitation (Co-IP) and pull-down assay kits optimized for different sources and types of antibody or other protein affinity systems such as biotinylated and GST-tagged proteins. 

Magnetic Affinity Separation Particles
Paramagnetic particles and activated affinity purification beads for benchtop immunoprecipitation procedures and automated protein separation workflows based on antibody, streptavidin, GST and titanium dioxide ligands. 

Other Immobilized Affinity Ligands
Agarose beads and other resins with specialized immobilized ligands for diverse affinity methods (lectins, metal ions, ribonucleotides, heparin, etc.). Obtain 1000- to 10,000-fold purification of target molecules from crude mixtures. 

Post-Translational Modification Enrichment Kits
Purification resins to isolate and enrich for sample proteins that contain specific post-translational modifications (PTM) including glycosylation (glycoproteins), ubiquitin (poly-ubiquitinated proteins), and phosphorylation (phosphoproteins). 

Spin Columns and Gravity-flow Columns
Different sizes and types of empty purification columns and filter spin columns for packing desalting resins, agarose beads or other affinity supports to use in microcentrifuge or gravity-flow chromatography procedures. 

Affinity Resins for Protein Immobilization
Agarose beads and other porous resins activated for chemical attachment of affinity ligands (antibodies, glycoproteins, fusion proteins, peptides) to create affinity supports for purification based on specific binding with the immobilized molecule. 

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