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Protein Expression Systems
Vectors and reagent kits for high-fidelity, cell-free, human in vitro translation (human protein expression) and luciferase assays based on spectrally distinct Cypridina, Gaussia, Renilla and firefly luciferase reporters. 
Cell Lysis and Protein Extraction
Protease inhibitors, phosphatase inhibitors, detergents and specialized reagents designed for efficient organelle isolation, subcellular fractionation and protein solubilization from a variety of cell and tissue types. 
Protein Affinity Purification
Agarose beads and other resins for specific purification of proteins and other target molecules, kits for immunoprecipitation (IP), activated resins for covalent immobilization of ligands, and columns for packing affinity resins. 
Dialysis, Desalting and Buffer Exchange
Concentrators, dialysis cassettes, desalting columns and other buffer-exchange devices for removing contaminants and concentrating samples to ready them for long-term storage or to make them compatible with downstream applications. 
Protein Assays and Quantitation
Assay reagents, kits and standards to determine total protein concentration of samples containing different buffer components; protein quantitation is often necessary for isolation, separation, and analysis of proteins by biochemical methods. 
Protein Electrophoresis and Staining
Precast gels, running buffers, molecular weight markers, and gel stains necessary for sample preparation, loading and analysis when studying proteins by electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE). 
Western Blotting, ELISA and Cell Imaging
Blocking buffers, secondary antibody conjugates, and substrate detection reagents (colorimetric, chemiluminescent and fluorescent) for sensitive and consistent protein analysis by Western blotting, ELISA and immunohistochemistry (IHC). 
Protein Interactions
Affinity, crosslinking and detection reagents and kits designed to identify and characterize protein interactions (both stable and transient) by immunoprecipitation, pull-down, far-Western blotting, crosslinking and label transfer. 
Protein Mass Spectrometry and HPLC
Reagents and kits for peptide and protein analysis (proteomics) by mass spectrometry (MS) and high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC). Includes sample prep tools, mass-tagging (TMT) and isotope labeling (SILAC) kits, and derivatization reagents. 
Protein and Antibody Labeling
Labeling reagents and kits to label an antibody or other protein to make a fluorescent probe, enzyme conjugate, biotinylated binding reagent or iodine labeled tracer for detecting proteins in tissues, cells, or biochemical assays. 
Crosslinking and Protein Modification
Reagents to modify proteins by crosslinking, fragmenting, denaturing, reducing disulfides, or attaching various prosthetic groups (e.g. PEGylation) to allow manipulation and study of protein function and interactions in any environment. 
Antibody Production and Purification
Carrier proteins, immunogen preparation reagents, isotyping kits, antibody purification resins and immunoglobulin fragmentation kits to easily create and purify antibodies for any immunodetection technique. 
Specific polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies to probe, stain, locate, purify and detect virtually any protein, plus secondary antibodies conjugated to the widest array of fluorescent and enzymatic labels for high sensitivity detection. 
Custom peptide synthesis of individual peptides, peptide libraries and heavy peptides for antibody preparation, drug discovery, epitope mapping and quantitative mass spectrometry. Keep checking back, as this new section will continue to grow! 
Target-Specific Assay Kits
Sandwich ELISA, EIA and other assay kits for detection and measurement of specific cytokines, chemokines, cell signaling proteins, transcription factors, and other cellular targets.  
A collection of books with topics of value to life scientists who work with proteins.  

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