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Custom peptide synthesis of individual peptides, peptide libraries and heavy peptides for antibody preparation, drug discovery, epitope mapping and quantitative mass spectrometry.

All peptides with the exception of PEPotec custom peptide libraries are packaged using our ArgonGuard service, in which peptides are packaged in argon gas to minimize amino acid oxidation during shipping and storage. This standard service helps maintain biological activity of custom peptides and can potentially reduce experimental variation.

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Design peptides with a wide range of labels, modifications, scales, purities and delivery time options to meet your research needs. 

Isotopically labeled, AQUA-grade peptides for the relative and absolute quantitation of proteins at very low concentrations in complex protein mixtures. 

Two-step approach to targeted assay development and absolute quantitation by selected reaction monitoring (SRM) within a controlled budget. 

Rapidly calibrate your instrument and quantitate your target protein using dilution curve and bracketing mixtures and a custom HeavyPeptide-reporter dipeptide, respectively. 

Fully synthetic custom libraries that support high throughput screening assays to map epitopes or identify immunogenic sites in proteins. 

Fully synthetic, crude peptides customized for development of mid- to high-throughput SRM and MRM assays in quantitative MS workflows. 

Save time and avoid sub-optimal immunogen-peptide conjugation for antibody production by using the Thermo Scientific Imject Mariculture KLH-Peptide Conjugation Service 

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Product Instructions | MSDS | CofA  

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