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Peptide Sample Prep Tools for Mass Spectrometry

Affinity columns, resin tips and other kits to fractionate, isolate, purify, clean up, and recover total or post-translational modification (PTM) classes of processed peptide fragments for proteomics analysis by mass spectrometry.

Spin columns of iron-chelate agarose resin to purify phosphorylated peptides to process protein digests or cation-exchange fractions for mass spectrometry. 

Titanium dioxide spin tips and graphite spin columns with buffers to desalt and purify phosphorylated peptides for mass spectrometry. 

Ready-to-use microcentrifuge columns of C18 reverse-phase resin to desalt, clean up and prep peptides for mass spectrometry (25 to 150 microliter samples). 

Prepare peptides by C18 resin clean-up for mass spectrometry from protein digests using these convenient 20-microliter, 10-microgram capacity tips for microcentrifuge processing. 

Ready-to-use pipette-tip columns of C18 resin to capture, concentrate and desalt a peptides and proteins for MALDI mass spectrometry (10 to 100 microliter samples). 

Spin columns of graphite resin to aid mass spectrometry analysis of phosphopeptides by purifying hydrophilic peptides and removing urea, salts, etc. 

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Product Instructions | MSDS | CofA  

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