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Overview of DyLight Fluorophores

Fluorophore-specific pages that focus on the physical and spectral properties, applications and comparative data of each DyLight dye. Click on a specific emission color to jump to the respective DyLight overview page.

DyLight Fluorescent Spectrum
Overview of DyLight 350 Dye Overview of DyLight 405 Dye Overview of DyLight 488 Dye Overview of DyLight 550 Dye Overview of DyLight 594 Dye Overview of DyLight 633 Dye Overview of DyLight 650 Dye Overview of DyLight 680 Dye Overview of DyLight 755 Dye Overview of DyLight 800 Dye

Thermo Scientific DyLight 350 generates a more brilliant blue than AMCA and is ideal for multi-color fluorescence applications. 

Thermo Scientific DyLight 405 provides exceptional performance for a wide array of fluorescence-base applications at a lower cost than other 405-range dyes.  

Thermo Scientific DyLight 488 provides exceptional performance over FITC and Cy2 for a wide array of fluorescence-based applications.  

Thermo Scientific DyLight 550 replaces DyLight 549 to provide vibrant orange-to-red fluorescence with better performance than other rhodamine derivatives, including Alexa Fluor* 555, TRITC and Cy3* for fluorescent applications.  

Thermo Scientific DyLight 594 generates red fluorescence and shows wide excitation wavelength separation from green fluorophores for multi-color applications with reduced bleedthrough. 

Thermo Scientific DyLight 633 fluoresces red with physical properties comparable to other 633 dyes for fluorescence-based applications. 

Thermo Scientific DyLight 650 replaces DyLight 649 to provide vibrant far-red fluorescence with comparable or improved performance compared to other dyes, including Alexa Fluor* 647 and Cy3*, for fluorescent applications. 

Thermo Scientific DyLight 680 produces near-infrared (IR) fluorescence for a broad range of applications. 

Thermo Scientific DyLight 755 is a near-IR fluor that is invisible to the naked eye but increases the staining options when using infrared imaging systems.  

Thermo Scientific DyLight 800 is a near-IR fluor that is invisible to the naked eye but increases the staining options when using infrared imaging systems.  

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