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Molecular Biology Reagents

Reagents for DNA and nucleic acid extraction, purification, electrophoresis and detection, including agarose, luciferin, Tris-EDTA buffers and phenol-chloroform solutions.

Highly purified and blended regular- or low-melting agarose formulations for uniform lot-to-lot consistency in preparing electrophoresis gels. 

Useful chelator of alkaline earth metals, iron, copper and zinc in a variety of laboratory methods. 

Dilute (0.625mg/mL) and concentrated (10mg/mL) solutions to accommodate most molecular biology applications for fluorescent DNA visualization. 

Highly pure formulation of formamide denaturant suitable for preparing hybridization cocktails and various denaturing solutions used with nucleic acids. 

High-purity glycerol (greater than 99% pure) formulated especially for protein and molecular biology methods. 

Thermo Scientific Pierce Phenol, Saturated is phenol supplied as a saturated solution (pH 6.6) and accompanied by a bottle of buffer to adjust the pH to 7.9 for typical molecular biology applications. 

Phenol premixed with chloroform:isoamyl alcohol (25:24:1) accompanied by a buffer to equilibrate the solution at either pH 6.7 or pH 8.0. 

Sterile 3M sodium acetate solution useful for DNA purification and storage. 

Standard reagent used in many molecular biology buffers. 

Sterile, DNAse-free TE buffer (pH 8.0) prepared from highly purified reagents for DNA purification and storage. 

Kit with Y-PER Lysis Reagent to quickly and easily lyse yeast cells to release DNA for study. 

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