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Immunoprecipitation Kits (IP Kits)

IP kits for traditional and specialized immunoprecipitation (IP) and co-immunoprecipitation (co-IP) experiments; spin columns enable fast, efficient processing, and innovations allow covalent attachment of antibody to produce cleaner results.

Easily immunoprecipitate target protein complexes by magnetic separation using high-quality Protein A/G magnetic beads and optimized buffers. 

Immunoprecipitate target proteins without antibody contamination by crosslinking IP antibodies to Protein A/G magnetic beads. 

Conjugate any antibody or protein to magnetic beads and immunoprecipitate (affinity purify) target protein complexes without IP-antibody interference. 

Perform traditional immunoprecipitation assays with ease using high-quality Protein A/G agarose beads, microcentrifuge spin columns and buffers. 

Reagent kit and protocol for crosslinking IP antibodies to Protein A/G agarose to enable antigen immunoprecipitation without antibody contamination. 

Immobilize IP antibodies (any species or class) on agarose beads without Protein A/G to immunoprecipitate antigens without antibody interference. 

Covalently immobilize IP antibodies and perform co-IP assays in which target protein complexes are immunoprecipitated without antibody contamination. 

Perform immunoprecipitation assays without resins, beads, centrifugation or magnets using coated streptavidin or Protein A/G 96-well microplates. 

For immunoprecipitation or pull-down assays using polyclonal antibodies or glycoproteins immobilized to agarose beads via periodate-oxidized sugars. 

Unmodified beaded agarose resin for pre-clearing protein immunoprecipitation samples to reduce background signal and nonspecific binding in IP assays. 

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