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Dialysis, Desalting and Buffer Exchange

Concentrators, dialysis cassettes, desalting columns and other buffer-exchange devices for removing contaminants and concentrating samples to ready them for long-term storage or to make them compatible with downstream applications.

Buffers for Protein Methods
Ready-to-use, pre-formulated buffers for protein methods; includes PBS, PBS-T, TBS, TBS-T (Tween-20), Tris-glycine running buffers and transfer buffers, phosphate buffers for protein labeling, and carbonate-bicarbonate buffer for plate coating. 

Concentrators for Ultrafiltration
Centrifuge tube microfiltration devices for sample concentration and buffer exchange of dilute protein samples by centrifugal ultrafiltration through filter membranes; 9K, 20K and 150K MW cutoff varieties available in 7mL and 20mL capacity units. 

Desalting Columns
High-performance centrifuge desalting columns, microplates and cartridges, as well as traditional gravity-flow columns containing gel-filtration resins for efficient buffer-exchange of protein samples by size-exclusion chromatography. 

Dialysis Tubing, Cassettes and Devices
High-performance dialysis membrane products, including Slide-A-Lyzer Cassettes, SnakeSkin Tubing, and other dialysis systems to accommodate nearly any sample volume and molecular weight, or to perform equilibrium dialysis. 

Ion Exchange Columns
Microcentrifuge (0.5mL) and centrifuge (20mL) high-capacity and filter-based ion exchange columns for negative (anionic) and positive (cationic) separation and purification of proteins or other biological molecules based on charge differences. 

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