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Crosslinking Reagents

Chemical crosslinkers and bioconjugation reagents for covalent protein crosslinking techniques to conjugate antibodies, immobilize ligands, attach haptens to carrier proteins, and stabilize folded protein structures and protein interaction complexes.

Advanced Crosslinking Technologies
Kits and crosslinker systems for specialized crosslinking strategies, including photoreactive amino acids for metabolic labeling, Staudinger reagents for chemoselective ligation, and biotin label transfer compounds for protein interaction experiments. 

Amine-to-Amine Crosslinkers
Homobifunctional amine-specific protein crosslinking reagents based on NHS-ester and imidoester reactive groups for selective conjugation of primary amines; available in short, long, cleavable, irreversible, membrane permeable and cell surface varieties. 

Amine-to-Sulfhydryl Crosslinkers
Heterobifunctional protein crosslinking reagents for conjugation between primary amine (lysine) and sulfhydryl (cysteine) groups of proteins and other molecules; available with different lengths and types of spacer arms. 

Carboxyl-to-Amine Crosslinkers
Carbodiimide crosslinking reagents DCC and EDC (EDAC) for conjugation of carboxyl groups (glutamate, aspartate, C-termini) to primary amines (lysine, N-termini); also N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS) for stable activation of carboxylates for amine-conjugation. 

Photoreactive Crosslinkers
Aryl azide, diazirine and other photo-reactive (light-activated) chemical crosslinking reagents to conjugate proteins, nucleic acids and other molecular structures involved in receptor-ligand interaction complexes via two-step activation. 

Sulfhydryl-to-Carbohydrate Crosslinkers
Crosslinking reagents based on maleimide and hydrazide reactive groups for conjugation and formation of covalent crosslinks between sulfhydryl (cysteine) and aldehyde (oxidized glycoprotein carbohydrate) groups. 

Sulfhydryl-to-Hydroxyl Crosslinkers
Crosslinking reagents based on maleimide and isocyanate reactive groups for conjugation and formation of covalent crosslinks between sulfhydryl and hydroxyl groups. 

Sulfhydryl-to-Sulfhydryl Crosslinkers
Sulfhydryl-specific crosslinking reagents based on maleimide or pyridyldithiol reactive groups for selective covalent conjugation of protein and peptide thiols (reduced cysteines) to form stable thioether bonds. 

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