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Crosslinking and Protein Modification

Reagents to modify proteins by crosslinking, fragmenting, denaturing, reducing disulfides, or attaching various prosthetic groups (e.g. PEGylation) to allow manipulation and study of protein function and interactions in any environment.

Crosslinking Reagents
Chemical crosslinkers and bioconjugation reagents for covalent protein crosslinking techniques to conjugate antibodies, immobilize ligands, attach haptens to carrier proteins, and stabilize folded protein structures and protein interaction complexes. 

Modification Reagents for Amino Acids
Chemical agents to modify amino acid side chains on proteins and peptides in order to alter native charges, block or expose reactive binding sites, inactivate functions, or change functional groups to create targets for crosslinking and labeling. 

PEGylation Reagents
Activated linear and branched derivatives of polyethylene glycol (PEG) for pegylation and PEG-modification of peptides and proteins via primary amines and sulfhydryl groups to increase solubility, prolong stability and reduce immunogenicity. 

Proteases and Protein-Cleaving Reagents
Purified and agarose-immobilized proteases for enzymatic proteolysis (cleavage or digestion) of proteins to facilitate amino acid sequencing, peptide analysis and polypeptide structural characterization. 

Protein Denaturants and Chaotropes
Chaotropic and denaturing chemical agents, including urea and guanidine hydrochloride, to disrupt water interactions and promote hydrophobic protein and peptide solubilization, elution, refolding and structural analysis. 

Reducing Agents for Protein Disulfides
Purified powders, convenient solutions and solid-phase resins of disulfide reducing agents, including DTT, BME and TCEP, for stabilization of free sulfhydryls (cysteines) and reduction of disulfide bonds in peptides and proteins. 

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