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Cell Lysis and Protein Extraction

Protease inhibitors, phosphatase inhibitors, detergents and specialized reagents designed for efficient organelle isolation, subcellular fractionation and protein solubilization from a variety of cell and tissue types.

Rapidly separate cells or cell lysate from tissue debris after mechanical disruption using a 250-micron mesh filter and gravity or gentle centrifugation. 

Pierce Cell Lysis Reagents for Protein Extraction
Gentle whole cell lysis buffers for high-yield protein extraction and solubilization from E. coli and other bacteria, cultured mammalian cells and tissues, insect cells, yeast cultures, and flowering plants. 

Primary Cell Isolation Kits
Optimized primary cell isolation and culture reagents for neurons, cardiomyocytes, and embryonic fibroblasts that include digestion enzymes, validated cell culture media, and cell growth supplements. 

Organelle Isolation and Enrichment Kits
Optimized reagent kits for subcellular fractionation of proteins and isolation of organelles such as nuclei, mitochondria, peroxisomes and lysosomes by Dounce-homogenization or density-gradient separation. 

Subcellular Fractionation Kits
Reagent-based kits optimized for stepwise separation, enrichment and extraction of proteins from different cell fractions; isolate cytoplasmic, membrane, nuclear, chromatin-bound and cytoskeletal proteins for downstream analysis. 

Protease Inhibitors and Phosphatase Inhibitors
Ready-to-use, inhibitor cocktail solutions and tablets, as well as individual purified formulations of protease inhibitors and phosphatase inhibitors to protect proteins from degradation during cell lysis and extraction. 

Enzymes for Cell Lysis
Digesting enzymes such as lysozyme, deoxyribonuclease I (DNase I), Universal Nuclease for Cell Lysis and micrococcal nuclease (MNase) to aid in protein extraction, subcellular fractionation, organelle isolation and chromatin IP. 

Stabilizing, Solubilizing and Refolding Reagents
Supporting reagents and kits to stabilize functional enzymes and proteins for storage, solubilize inclusion bodies for recombinant protein purification, and optimize buffer conditions for refolding denatured protein structures. 

Detergents for Cell Lysis
High-purity, low-peroxide, surfactant solutions and detergent solids for use in cell lysis reagent formulation, protein solubilization procedures, wash buffers for ELISA, and other protein research methods. 

Detergent Removal Resins and Kits
Affinity columns and precipitation reagents to remove detergents and surfactant micelles from protein extracts and other processed biological samples; eliminate detergent interference to improved compatibility with downstream applications. 

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