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Biotin Labeling Reagents for Proteins

Biotinylation reagents and kits to chemically tag and label antibodies, proteins and peptides with biotin at particular amino acid functional groups to create labeled antibody or other probes for streptavidin affinity binding, purification and detection.

Desthiobiotinylation Reagents
Desthiobiotin reagents for chemically labeling proteins and other molecules with a form of biotin that provides soft-release elution from streptavidin for purification applications. 

Amine Biotinylation Reagents and Kits
Labeling reagents and kits to specifically biotinylate antibodies and other proteins or peptides with biotin labels at primary amines (lysine and N-terminus), the most abundant reactive group on the surface of proteins, for streptavidin detection. 

Carbohydrate Biotinylation Reagents
Hydrazide-activated labeling reagents to biotinylate polyclonal antibodies and other glycoproteins with biotin labels at oxidized sugar and carbohydrate groups for streptavidin detection and purification. 

Carboxyl Biotinylation Reagents
Amine-modified biotin labels to specifically biotinylate peptides (C-terminus), carboxyl-coated surfaces and other carboxylic acid groups using the carbodiimide crosslinker EDC (EDAC). 

Photoreactive Biotinylation Reagents
Azido, psoralen and other photo-reactive (UV-activated) biotin labeling compounds to biotinylate proteins, nucleic acids or organic molecules for use as molecular probes with streptavidin conjugates. 

Sulfhydryl Biotinylation Reagents
Maleimide, iodoacetyl and cleavable pyridyldithiol activated biotin labeling reagents and kits to specifically biotinylate antibodies and other proteins or peptides at sulfhydryl groups, such as reduced free thiols on cysteine residues. 

Biotin Quantitation Reagents and Kits
Simple and accurate HABA dye assay and fluorescent detection kits to measure the amount of biotin attached to proteins or other biomolecules following biotinylation; determine the molar ratio of biotin to labeled antibody molecule. 

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