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Amino Acid Analysis Reagents and Accessories

Colorimetric and fluorescent reagents to accomplish pre-column and post-column derivatization of peptides and amino acids for analysis by HPLC detectors; includes vacuum hydrolysis tubes and quantitation standards.

Quantitative calibration standard for HPLC analysis of protein hydrolysates; a mixture of 18 amino acids, each at 2.5 micromoles/mL in 0.1N HCl.  

A carboxylic acid-reactive compound (Amax 260nm; UV) to label, detect and measure peptides and amino acids by HPLC; also called p-Bromophenacyl-8. 

A thiol-reactive, colored compound (Amax 412nm) to measure peptide cysteines or other free, reduced sulfhydryls (-SH groups) in solution. 

Ready-to-use solution of o-phthaldialdehyde, a fluorescent, amine-reactive, HPLC pre- or post-column labeling reagent to measure peptides or amino acids (Ex 340nm, Em 455nm). 

Phthaldialdehyde, a fluorescent, amine-reactive, HPLC pre- or post-column labeling reagent to measure peptides or amino acids (Ex 340nm, Em 455nm). 

An arginine-reactive, colored reagent (Amax 340nnm) to label and measure the arginine amino acids or arginine-containing peptides by HPLC. 

Constant-boiling 6N HCl solution, supplied in 1mL ampules, used to acid-hydrolyze proteins (protein hydrolysis) for HPLC amino acid composition analysis. 

An amine-reactive, colored (Amax 340nm) compound to label and measure optical isomers of amino acids by reverse-phase chromatography (HPLC). 

An amine-reactive, colored reagent (Amax 440nm) to label, detect and measure peptides, proteins and amino acids by HPLC (liquid chromatography). 

A mixture of five specific deca-peptides (acetylated with c-terminal amides) to run reference elution profiles for reverse-phase HPLC chromatography. 

Phenylisothiocyanate, an amine-reactive, colored compound (Amax 254nm; UV) for pre-column derivatization of amino acids for reverse-phase HPLC.  

5% solution of trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid in methanol to label primary amines (peptides or amino acids) for colorimetric detection (Amax 335nm).  

High-quality valved glass tubes designed for heated, vacuum, acid-hydrolysis of proteins and peptides for amino acid analysis by HPLC chromatography. 

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