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Affinity Resins for Protein Immobilization

Agarose beads and other porous resins activated for chemical attachment of affinity ligands (antibodies, glycoproteins, fusion proteins, peptides) to create affinity supports for purification based on specific binding with the immobilized molecule.

Amine Immobilization Resins and Kits
Activated agarose beads and other resins for covalent immobilization of affinity ligands through primary amines (N-terminus and lysine in proteins) based on aldehyde and NHS-ester chemistries that are superior to cyanogen bromide (CNBr) activation. 

Carbohydrate Immobilization Resins and Kits
Hydrazide-activated agarose beads and polyacrylamide resins for covalent immobilization of glycoproteins (polyclonal antibodies) and other aldehyde chemicals and periodate-activated polysaccharides and glycosylated molecules for affinity purification. 

Carboxyl Immobilization Resins and Kits
Diaminodipropylamine (DADPA) activated agarose beads and polyacrylamide resins and kits to immobilize carboxylate molecules and C-termini of peptides via crosslinking with the carbodiimide crosslinker EDC for affinity purification applications. 

Sulfhydryl Immobilization Resins and Kits
Iodoacetyl-activated agarose beads, resins and kits for covalent attachment of cysteine-terminated peptides, antigens and other sulfhydryl-containing molecules for use in antibody purification and protein affinity purification. 

Various Other Immobilization Supports
Other types of affinity support materials, activated resins for specialized molecular immobilization techniques, and affinity resins for orientation and immobilization by crosslinking. 

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